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Almost Caught

School, Roll call, the teacher calling out everyone’s names, just another day…









“Roux? Asakura?”

Well, if by “another day” you mean “two of your problematic students weren’t around for roll call again.”

“Ugh… again with these two, where in the world are they?”

In the girl’s bathroom of the school, to be precise, with Hana “coming in unto” her like Zeus bestowing himself upon Danaë.

In other words, they were having sex.

It started innocently enough – Hana and Lou came into school from his house and, after some hesitation on Lou’s part, secreted him behind a stall in the girls’ restroom where they could make a quickie before classes start, and like every other day for the past month, they’ve been late.

Hana liked doing it in the girls’ bathroom because it smelled nicer; the fresh odor leftover from girls doing their business was like a natural aphrodisiac for him.

When they began, it began with simple, innocent kissing and holding each other in their arms, giggling moderately at their proximity, Lou would then proceed to undo his pants and reach for his manhood, caressing it like it were a sacred treasure. Lou pulled away momentarily to lift her skirt, revealing her exposed vagina, Hana smiled and bent down to play with it in his fingers.

Lou had stopped wearing underwear ever since she and Hana got into the habit of making love in various places, although she still wears them on other occasions so as to not arouse people’s suspicion, least of all her adoptive parents, although that being said, Lou never misses the opportunity to wear something more revealing, such as transparent panties or c-strings.

As Hana played and teased with her punash* another, berry-sized extension emerged from near the top of her open womanhood – her clitoris.

Hana reached up towards the rosebud and enveloped it in his mouth, twirling his tongue around the edges.

Lou started making obscene noises, moaning in delight.

“Ah… Hana… your tongue… your tongue feels good…”

Hana continued to wag his tongue about it, while letting one of his fingers dig into her pussy from another angle, this two-pronged assault excited Lou’s pleasure nerves, and she felt her knees buckle beneath her.

Hana rose to his feet while Lou crouched to the floor, her head level to his penis. Hana let his pants drop down as Lou reached towards his rod, licking the base slowly and gently. After about a minute, she decided to get more and held his manhood firmly in her palm while engulfing his head in her mouth, savoring his masculinity while Hana just grinned.

Lou let go after another minute passed and stood up again, this time she turned about so that he could face her back. Hana knew the signal and grasped Lou’s thighs before lifting her up and splitting her legs sideways. He then shoved his rager up into Lou’s ass, scraping his dong within the tight confines of her crapper.

“Aah… mm… Hana, it’s so good, but so tight also…”

Suddenly, two girls entered the restroom, and Lou was momentarily aback at the sudden intrusion and nearly made a sound. Thankfully, Hana pulled her face to his and lunged into Lou’s mouth for a French kiss, muffling her sound.

The two horny lovebirds continued their makeout session, making as little noise as possible so as not to draw attention to themselves while the other girls were doing their business. Hana made his movements slower, making Lou feel them more intensely with every second his shaft slid further inside her ass.

The two other girls seemed to be taking their sweet time, making small talk and pausing every now and again to expound on parts of whatever gossip they were discussing at the moment. Their continued presence really aggravated Hana and Lou as they wanted to continue making out a bit more noisily. Lou whimpered slightly and looked into Hana with her soulful eyes, indicating she was on the verge of letting herself go.

A glint of mischief shone on his eye at this revelation, and Hana decided to make his movements go a bit faster, for there was nothing more exhilarating than the intensity of almost being caught in a very compromising situation.

“Did you hear something?”

Lou nearly panicked as her eyes shot open upon hearing those words, scared for her soul that they were going to be found.

“I think it might be rats.”

“Ew, let’s get out of here, they might crash through the ceiling.”

Hana let go of Lou’s mouth and the two felt a momentary reprieve as soon as they heard the door to the restroom open and close to let the other students out. But soon Lou remembered that Hana was still perforating his meatstick into her rectum, and he was gaining momentum as he hastened his pace now that there was no longer anyone to disturb them.

“Hana… ahh… no… I’m… I’m…”

Hana licked a bead of sweat from her cheek, “You’re what, Lou? Ready to cum? I bet when those two girls were in here, you were more excited than anyone to be exposed.”

“No… That’s not… I’m not that kind of girl…”

Hana punched deeper and Lou whimpered at his brutish response, “Come on, Lou, you know that you enjoy this sort of thing.”

“No… I don’t… Eek!” As if to punish her naiveté Hana stuck his rod as deep as he could possibly get it while kissing and tasting the side of her face.

“Don’t deny it, Lou, give in to the feeling, there’s no one here to judge us…” he continued assaulting her soring bumhole while talking of intimate, naughty matters.

Lou wouldn’t admit it, but deep down inside she was a pitiful creature who yearned for constant love and affection; on the outside she was a strong and independent young lady, but beneath her dignified countenance was a loner who wanted to feel loved, to feel accepted, and she would do anything, no matter how base or sleazy, to be able to achieve that feeling.

“Hana… Hana… please, I’m… I’m going to cum!”

Hana’s speed continued to move faster and their indecent noises, their squishing sounds and moans of pleasure, became louder.

“Then let’s cum together Lou, let us make love together!”

“Hana… Hana!!”

At his final push, Hana released a jet of hot semen up into her anus, grunting to squeeze as much into her as he could. Lou overtly moaned in loud gratification as her own pussy showered vulgar fluids down onto the urinal and floor, tears drawn from her eyes as Hana pulled out of her pained ass.

As they gathered their breath back, Hana smiled as he looked at Lou still recuperating from their affair.

He looked down at her with a smirk, “That was fun… wasn’t it?”

Lou managed to nod before getting the energy to speak again, “It certainly was… but, we’ve got to stop doing this before class…”

“Why? What’s the worst that could happen?”

As soon as they finally showed up, the teacher did not make any effort to hide his annoyance at their tardiness.

“You two will be the death of me…”

Lou bowed her head down in shame, speaking in a meek voice, she replied as apologetically as she could, “I’m sorry, sir.”

Hana bowed his head down as well, but he wasn’t nearly as sorry as Lou was, “We promise it won’t happen again.”

The teacher sighed, before telling them to take their seats, “After class is finished today, I’m afraid that, as usual, you two will stay after dismissal, understood?”

The guilty pair responded in unison, “Yes, sir”

Classes proceeded as usual, the normal hubbub of boring lectures, some interesting demonstrations, and an occasional personal anecdote which corresponds to some lesson in the class on that particular day. After all was said and done, everyone left, with the obvious exceptions of Lou and Hana.

The teacher decided to leave the room momentarily, locking the door behind him so Lou and Hana wouldn’t think of leaving so quickly.

Bored out of his mind, Hana stood up from his desk and walked over to Lou.

“We’re going to be stuck here a while, you wanna have some fun while we’re at it?”

Lou blushed and looked away from him, “Hana, please, if he catches us going at it, he’ll…”
Hana suddenly pulled Lou off her seat, laid her flat on her back, and tore her blouse open.

“Ah, Hana, what are you…!”

Hana bent down and clenched Lou’s nipple gently between his teeth.

“Ah… no…”

Hana stopped momentarily to look at Lou, whose face reddened to the shade of bright red apple.

“Lou, we’ve been at this for nearly a month now, you shouldn’t feel ashamed or frightened anymore.”

Lou understood that there was no reason for her to feel this way, she was perfectly comfortable with the fact she and Hana do this nearly every day, but this wasn’t between them, it was about how the rest of the world would perceive them to be if they ever found out about them.

“Hana, I don’t mind the fact that we do it every day, I’m just scared about what other people would think if someone ever found us.”

Hana took Lou’s face in his hands and looked at her reassuringly.

“Lou, the only thing that should matter is what we have at the moment, and that is each other. No one else is here, no one else should come between us whether they are present or not. All that matters is that we have sex, anytime, anyplace, and if anyone should witness us fornicating about and take issue with it, then that is something they will have to deal with themselves.”

Lou relaxed her tense body at Hana’s words, feeling the weight of their meaning sink into her. Perhaps she has been thinking about it too much, and maybe letting it go even for a moment should make her feel better.

Once Hana was certain Lou was more receptive, he continued their foreplay.

Hana again placed his teeth upon Lou’s teat, proceeding to nibble it gently.

“Ah… oh yes…” the feeling of his mouth set on her small, supple teat was very gratifying.

Hana inserted his fingers into her pussy again, and began probing her warm, meaty depths. Lou moaned as Hana continued to taste and poke his way inside Lou’s body. His primal instincts now thoroughly in control, Hana enveloped her nipple completely in his mouth, sucking it wildly.

“Ow, ah… Hana, it hurts…” Lou pleaded for him to ease up a little, but Hana was now thoroughly absorbed by his raging libido.

Hana lifted himself onto Lou’s desk and planted his knees firmly on the side while using his thighs to keep her legs spread apart and allowing his manrod easy access to her sex lips. Following that, Hana began to prod her vagina with his tip, dilating it with his manhood to make a formal entrance.

After settling into his position and her pussy widened just enough, Hana pushed into her opening, making his way as far in as he could.

“Ah… Hana… that’s so deep…”

He pressed his lips against hers and wormed his tongue inside of her mouth, pulling his penis out before sliding it back inside and going over the motions.

Lou groaned as his member pistoned into and out of her orifice, grinding against the interior with every push and pull of his dong, he bobbed his head periodically into Lou’s mouth matching his oscillations into her body.

Lou moaned as his movements stimulated her senses and her own libido began to grow. She loved this feeling, this rubbing upon her sensitive places, the touch of his manhood exerting itself inside her and then pulling back, the feeling of her flesh expanding at his approach, and then contracting and engulfing his rod, there was no feeling better than that.

Hana could feel his excitement grow further, and he started pressing into her harder, and Lou groaned through his heightened aggression with ecstatic glee. He pinched her nipples and began playing with them in his fingers.

Lou became more excited as his assault on her became more intensified, the beats into her vagina tenderized her innards and allowed Hana to move faster and deeper towards her cervix.

“Lou… Lou, I feel it, I’m going to…”

“…cum, Hana, I wanna cum too!”

Hana and Lou groaned beneath their breath as they both released their love juices into each other, letting their copulating soup pour out onto Lou’s desk.

“Ah… Hana, my desk is filthy…”

“I know, isn’t that nice?”

As Hana pulled away, her pussy made queef sounds, and Hana giggled at her for that.

“Ew, your vagina is farting, Lou.”

Lou blushed at his comment, “Hana, it’s just air!”

Hana stood up and walked up to Lou’s face, holding his dirty dong covered in cum and vaginal fluid.

“You gonna clean that?”

Lou looked at him with a “really?” sort of face before moving in to clean it up like the diligent girl she was.

“I love you, Hana-kun.”

“I love you too, Lou-chan.”
Almost Caught
A short story about a pair of bold, brazen lovers pushing the limits of where, and when, they can go about their love-making business.


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