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I'll give you a burger Llama Emoji 32 (Mah Burger) [V2]…
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
Hana was at home sniffing his little present from Lou, he had a field day every day ever since Lou presented him the gift. He was thinking of taking another trip to Babydolls later this weekend, he wanted to meet up with Lou again.

Trouble is, Alumi hasn't left the inn recently, and Hana hasn't had many opportunities to get out. He was starting to worry that he wouldn't be able to see his beloved violet again. He also began coming up with ideas to safely conduct his ventures into Babydolls without arousing Alumi's suspicions.

The doorbell rang as he was in the middle of his thinking.

“I'm coming!”

When he opened the door, he couldn't believe his eyes.

“Hi there.”

It was Lou, carrying some luggage and the sort, carrying a smile about her face without a care in the world.


“Hey Hana, I hope you don't mind me staying with you for a while.”

“What's going on?”

“Oh, well, Babydolls had to close up for a few days cause we had a bit of an infestation going on, so the Boss had to fumigate the place. I got nowhere to go, so I decided I could stay here with you for a while, if you know what I mean.” She winked at the last half of her statement.

“Oh, well... of course, I'd be glad to.”

“Hana, where are you?”

Hana turned to the sound of the voice around the corner, “Just a guest, dear.”

“Well, get her in already! It's twelve forty-five and lunch won't cook itself, so get off your fat ass and start cooking!”

He looked back at Lou who looked at him with pity, “Harsh, much?”

“That's Alumi for you, never lets up on me, not once.”

After settling Lou in her room, Hana left to go make lunch; of course, that meant making lunch for all the guests in the inn. Lou was busy setting her clothes aside, looking for something in particular.

Hana was in a dysfunctional relationship, that much was plainly evident, but that doesn't mean he can't have a meaningful one with another person. Lou was just such a person, and she needed a way to express it in a way he'd understand.

Hana climbed up the stairs to Lou's room to give her lunch, “Lou, lunch is ready, may I come in?”

“Just a minute.”

Lou opened the door and Hana was amazed at the sight that awaited him: Lou had come out of the shower and was practically butt-naked with the moisture still glistening on her smooth white skin, the only thing she covered was her hair wrapped in a towel to keep it from dripping everywhere, but other than that she was practically in her birthday suit.

Years of playing poker with the guys had taught him to keep a straight face even in the most unexpected of circumstances, and he earned quite a bit more pocket money than the average innkeeper usually gets. Of course, the story on his face was very different from the story of the humongous spire forming in his pelvis.

“I got you lunch.”

That's the best you can say? Lou thought.

“Thanks,” she took the tray from his hands, and turned around to go back into the room, “Oh, yes, I have a little something for your troubles.” Lou bent over so Hana could have a good look at her ass. Stuck in her anus was a banknote rolled into a nice tube.

“Thanks,” Hana took the tip in his hands, and yanked it free from her butt, Lou grinned softly as he did so before giving him a wink and closing the door.

Hana opened the note and saw a little slip of paper that said “Park Fountain, Midnight” on it.

Hana smiled, Lou was such a whore.


Hana didn't think slipping out of Alumi's grasp would be possible, but extra-strength sleeping pills are a man's best friend in these situations.

He looked towards the fountain ahead and saw Lou waiting patiently for him, carrying a purse and wearing a long-sleeved white buttoned blouse and a skirt so tiny it might as well have been a belt.

“Hana, you came!”

The two embraced one another lovingly, giving each other a short kiss.

“Oh, Hana, I've missed you so much!”

“Lou, I've only been gone for a week.”

“A week is too long, Hana. You know at this stage we need to get to know each other better.”

“I suppose so. So, what are you going to do about it?”

“Not me, Hana, you.” Lou took Hana to a small patch of land behind some tall hedges and began undressing, “I bet you've had fantasies the like this, have you not? Waiting behind the dark hedgerows of the park while some hapless woman passes by and then jump at her like some wildcat pouncing his prey.”

Hana had to admit, Lou had a way with making erotic analogies, “So what about it, Hana? I'm all alone, completely helpless, fresh meat.”

Hana inched closer to Lou until he towered over her, Lou backed away unconsciously, Hana was pretty intimidating even when he didn't want to. He bent down until they were eye level and he brought their lips together, invading her mouth with his tongue, savoring the flavor of her mouth.

Lou was about to reach up with her hands and caress his face when Hana decided to shove her into the ground.

“Oof!” Lou looked up and could see Hana undressing, she took in his chiseled abs, Whoa, he is ripped.

As soon as he finished getting completely naked, Hana knelt down, placing Lou's purse aside before he gripped the folds of her blouse and ripped it open, revealing her breasts with little pasties covering her nipples.

“You don't wear a bra, Lou?”

“No, they restrict my breasts too much, I like letting them loose, besides, I heard breasts grow larger and more naturally when you let them loose.”

The thought of Lou with bigger breasts titillated Hana, he bent down and ripped the pasty off with his mouth, and proceeded to suck on her perky tit.

“Ah, ooh... yes, that's it...” Lou moaned as Hana proceeded to violate her body.

He dove his hands down into her vagina and began squirming inside, lovingly collecting her sticky lubricating fluid in his digits. He stopped his assault on her sensitive bits and examined the sticky material on his fingers, which he sucked long and hard to savor the flavor.

“Mm... sweet.”

Lou blushed, no one called her fluids sweet before, she took it as a compliment while blushing in embarrassment.

“You want a taste, my dear?”

“Huh, what are you-” she was cut off when Hana dipped his mouth and tongue loaded with her fluid into her mouth.

Oh my, I do taste sweet, Lou didn't know how to feel. Proud, perhaps? She gave Hana another reason to like her.

Hana rode further up on her body until he straddled his cock between her breasts, “Lou, have you tried a tittyfuck before?”


“Well, would you like to try one on me?”

“Sure,” Lou grasped her breasts firmly in her hands and pressed them against his cock.

Wow, he has a really firm cock.

Hana proceeded to run his majesty in between her two soft mounds of fat. Women proud of their figure are adamant to call them “erotic flesh” but Hana liked calling them “fat,” somehow it felt dirtier.

Lou held her boobs tight, firmly locking his dick in place as it slowly heated up on her chest. The sensation of his monstrous member and the close-up look she was getting made her feel moist down there. Hana was also enjoying the sensation of his manhood being eaten alive by a pair of blob monsters.

He had a rhythm going for him, slowly he increased the pace in his movements, letting the friction heat them up more. The excitement was causing oozes of semen stored up in his balls to start pushing their way through the canals, slowly pushing through his defenses like an icepick through frost.

Lou started massaging his length with her two breasts, rubbing them up and down in asymmetric fashion, like soft massaging balls upon his member.

He continued his movements and Lou started to give out a loud moan, which made Hana go faster and harder.

“Hana... I feel mighty hungry...”

“Are you saying what I think you're saying, Lou?”

“Yes... and I'm starving for your flavor, Hana.”

“Get ready then.” Lou bent down and wrapped her lips around his head. Hana began to slow down, shivering as he felt the dam about to bust.

“Have at thee, Lou!” Hana once more dispensed his juices into Lou's mouth, and once more, like the greedy bitch she was, Lou sucked them up clean, savoring each jet of cum oozing up into her mouth.

After he finished, Hana rolled over to the side and took a few deep breaths, trying to relax himself.

“That was amazing, Lou.”

“I know,” Lou made sure to drink up all the cum in her mouth and around her lips, unfortunately this time wasn't so clean, some of it dripped onto her breasts.

After finishing up, Lou got on top of Hana and smiled at him seductively, “Tired, Hana-kun?”

“I'm afraid so.”

She just shrugged as she laid on top of him, “That's okay, we can do more tomorrow.”

He kissed her gently on the forehead, “Sure thing, Lou.”

Next day...

Hana had decided to step out of the Inn today after a little spat with Alumi earlier today. He told her not to expect him to come back today so as to let her cool off.

He decided to visit the local MgRonalds for a bite to eat, ordering a bacon cheeseburger and fries along with some Orange Crush.

He knew he couldn't stay out all day and all night, so he needed to think of a place to stay the night.

“Hey, fancy meeting you here!”

Hana looked up from his meal and saw Lou, “Oh, um, yeah.”

She sat down across from him, keeping her chipper smile up, “Why so glum, Hana?”

“Alumi is being a real bitch right now, so I'm staying out of the Inn until tomorrow.”

“That sucks.”

“Yeah, sucks even more that I don't have a place to crash for the night.”

“Oh, well, I think I can help you right there.”

“You can?”

“Yup, I know just the place we can spend the night in.”

“We?” Hana raised a brow, but he decided to trust Lou's judgment in the matter.


Hana stood in front of the place Lou had in mind for the two to spend the night – a gaudy, kitschy love hotel.

“This is your idea of a place to crash for the night?”

“Oh come on, Hana, you know you want another go, I figure we might as well do it in the appropriate place.”

Hana had to admit she had a point there.

Once inside, the two were greeted to a dim lit reception area that had a very pungent aroma about it. The couple approached the reception desk and were greeted by a peppy black-haired, slightly tanned woman wearing a thin, zebra-stripe sling bikini that stretched to the sides of her chest, leaving her bare breasts flopping in the air. Much like in Babydolls, she was also wearing a name tag clipped to her nipple that said “Konami.”

“Lou, fancy meeting you here.” The woman extended herself to give Lou a hug.

“Hey, Konami, how's everything going?”

“Oh, same old, same old. Who's the hunk with you?”

Konami eyed Hana with a naughty look, which prompted Lou to wrap around his arm defensively, “Sorry, Konami, but he's taken.”

Konami pouted momentarily, “Bummer, well, I'm Konami, I'm an old friend of Lou's.” Konami extended a hand to Hana.

“I'm Hana, pleasure to meet you.”

“Well, now that introductions are out of the way, what can I get for you?”

“Just a room.”

“What kind?” Konami plopped a catalog of special theme rooms on the desk for them to peruse.

“Oh, my, that's a lot of new stuff.”

“I know, we earned a lot of money last month so the Boss decided to renovate a couple of places.”

“Well, what would you recommend?”

Konami pointed to one room with some hospital-themed furnishings and decor, “The Kinky Clinic is a really popular theme lately.”

“Hmm... no, I don't think I'm in the mood for a hospital setting just yet.”

“Then what about Sinful Chapel? We just bought some fresh nun-style lingerie.”

“No, I don't think so. It sounds real kinky, but I'll save it for a special occasion.”

Lou flipped the page and saw something that caught her eye, “Oooh, now this I like.”

The room image had a desk and a chalkboard in it, not to mention wallpaper that looked like book shelves.

Konami eyed what she saw, “Ooh, yes, Naughty School, a real classic.”

“I think we'll take this one, what do you say, Hana?”

He just shrugged.

“All righty, shall we get going, Konami?”

Once they were settled in, Konami bowed respectfully at the doorway before leaving them alone.

“This place looks kinda cheesy, Lou.”

“All the better to set the mood with. Just relax, Hana, your wife can't possibly find you in here.”

Hana reclined back on the bed. It smelled very nice and soft, but also very firm too. He always thought Love Hotels would be seedy and downtrodden. Not this place, it was very well-maintained, the sheets felt and smelled like brand-new, there was hardly any vermin crawling around the place, and he had just noticed the high-tech wide screen television set by the corner.

“Oh, Hana...”

Hana turned to the sound of Lou's sing-song voice and saw her stride in wearing fancy glasses, a white dress made of fishnets with a transparent pink bolero, and a book that didn't really say anything.

“Hello, teacher.”

“Class is in session, and I take it you've done your homework, Mister Asakura?”

Hana put on a mock pout, “No teacher, I didn't.”

“Oh well, that's a real shame, you do know what happens to students who don't do their homework?”

“No teacher, what does happen?”

Lou walked towards him striding with hips wiggling seductively. She raised one leg up and planted her leg on his lap, giving him a clear view of her juicy sex lips.

She bent down and looked him in the eye with those majestic blue eyes, “Hana, if you want to make the grade, would you be willing to engage in some extracurricular activity?”

“Yes, teacher, I would be glad to.”

Lou kicked him lightly and he fell on his back to the bed, then she began undoing his pants, “If your body can please me, I'll give you a passing grade.”

As she slid his boxers down, Hana's schlong extended outwards like the Spire of the Chrysler Building in New York, “Oh my, such an impressive length.”

Lou moved in and started rubbing her face against his dick, “Ah... very nice and firm.” Lou proceeded to lick the base of his member, “Hmm... yes, so much flavor.”

Lou got up and straddled herself on top of him, “Now Hana, I know this may seem new and uncomfortable, but I want your penis in my pussy, would you be all right with that?”

Hana felt excited by the prospect, and he could see Lou was too, “Yes teacher, I want to do that with you.”

“Good boy,” Lou decided to start slow, sliding and grinding her pussy against the bottom of his dick, “Yes, oh that feels wonderful, ooh... ah...”

Lou lifted up briefly, and looked at Hana in the eye with her seductive look, “Hana, my little pussy is hungry, and she likes to feed on your thing. If you let her, I'll give you an awesome grade.”

“You don't want to use protection, teacher?”

“Hana... I'm on the pill, it'll be fine. Besides, condoms are for chumps.”

She gripped his dong with her slender fingers with the long, manicured nails, and it sent waves of excitement into his spine, Lou felt simply amazing. She reached down and opened up her sex lips, making a very soft squishy sound, and descended down upon his head, allowing him to prod her insides.

“Oh, teacher, your insides are so wet and soft...”

“Thank you, Hana, you really know how to compliment a woman. Now, are you ready for pussy?”

“Yes, teacher, very much.”

Lou adjusted her position and brought both of Hana's hands to her petite waist, “Now hold on, Love, I want you to keep me in place while I slide my meat into you.”

He did as told, and Lou smiled cheekily as she slowly slid her orifice upon his shaft.

Lou moaned as she felt Hana's member stretch her from the inside. This was what it felt like to have a man inside of her, and it felt good, it felt really good.

Hana enjoyed it just as much, if not more so, as he felt the soft, tender meat and warm lubing fluid run across his shaft, tickling his pleasure receptors and making him sweat with delight. He felt something he never felt in earlier sessions with Lou, it felt more intense, more inebriating, more primal.

“Oh... Hana, your dick... is rubbing upon my pussy... ah... I love it...”

Hana's breathing began to slow, his heart beat harder, and he sweated more profusely. Emotionally he felt the feelings of attraction grow stronger, all while his sense of reason left him. If he felt any love for Lou, it gave way to something more... instinctual. Something in Hana awakened that he never experienced before. He looked upon Lou and there was a glint in his eyes.

Lou kept a slow, steady pace as she ground herself upon his shaft, savoring every inch rubbing upon the surface of her pussy.

“Oh, ah... um... Hana, you're the best...” Lou looked down to stare at Hana's eyes, only to note that he didn't look quite like himself, “Hana? What's wrong?”

Unexpectedly, he reached up and grasped Lou's breast firmly in his left hand, “Ow, Hana, what are you doing?”

He pulled her tit in and began sucking on it hard, “Ow, Hana, stop. That hurts!”

Hana turned her about and pinned her onto the bed, “Hana, what's the matter with you!?”

Hana proceeded to pound into her more aggressively, he didn't even seem to be paying attention to what Lou said.

He sucked like a hungry babe yearning for mother's milk, sucking gluttonously with little regard to Lou's discomfort.

“Ah... oh... Hana... stop, please... it hurts...” Hana let go of her breast and took a long look at Lou's face. Lou stared into his eyes, only to notice that something about his eyes changed. He was still Hana, but when Lou stared at him, it was like staring into the eyes of a starving beast. Without another word he pressed his lips into Lou's mouth, sticking his tongue into her oral cavity.

He began pounding into her harder, causing her vagina to warm up from the friction. He used his hands to savagely knead her perky breasts, flattening and distorting them into various shapes with his palms, and used his tongue to keep Lou's head down.

Lou couldn't move, Hana used his entire weight to keep her pinned. For the first time in her life, there was absolutely nothing she could do, she felt completely helpless. His movements were tearing her pussy apart, and unprecedented levels of pain she never experienced shot through her nerves. She felt like a savage carnivore was eating her alive...

...and she loved every minute of it.

Soon Lou also caved in to the sensation and lost her sense of good judgment. Her body went limp to allow Hana to do with her as he pleased, letting him poke through her holes like a maggot boring through wood. Hana continued to churn her defiled vagina with his shaft, his fingers on his free hand dug in her anus and wriggled about freely in the tight space while his other pinched, slapped and kneaded one of her breasts.

After what seemed like an eternity, Hana's pace began to slow, his thrusts somehow became stronger, and Lou saw the look in his eyes telling her of something she was all too excited for. With an unconscious nod telling him to do so, Hana gave one final, definitive thrust that bore through all her defenses, and he dispensed with the hot cum.

If Lou didn't think her pussy could get anymore stretched, she certainly would now. Her pussy filled with such a volume she almost thought her belly would inflate like a water balloon. Once finished, Hana began to recover a semblance of sanity, and he slowly removed himself from Lou, who was completely overcome with euphoria at this point. She was staring into space, her breathing was slow and she was gasping for air, and her pussy oozed Hana's warm semen and her lubing fluid and blood, squirting a few drops out with her queefs.

Hana was himself tuckered out, so he collapsed in slumber by her side. He never realized just how much of an animal he was, and he felt very proud of himself, he actually accomplished one of the manliest things a guy could do, and that was fuck a hot chick. Lou was very definitely not his wife, but when you're trapped in a dysfunctional relationship like he was, Lou was a thousand times better than Alumi.

The next day, Hana awoke to an empty bed and the sound of humming from the shower. There was a knock on the door, so Hana put his pants and shirt on and went to check who was there. Looking through the peep hole, he saw a young lady with black hair standing outside with a cart loaded with food.

He opened the door and was greeted by the peppy lady, decked in a maid uniform – or rather, lingerie that parodied the look of a maid uniform. As with Konami and the staff of Babydolls, her name tag was clipped to her left nipple of her exposed breasts, it said “Sakura.”

“I got you breakfast, sir, compliments of Miss Roux.”

“Oh, thanks,” Hana was given a pair of trays, and he gave Sakura a tip which she strapped to her thong. She bowed respectfully before leaving to bring food to the other rooms.

Once back inside, Lou stepped out of the bathroom, once again butt-naked except with a towel in her hair, she sat down across from Hana to have breakfast on a counter top.

“Hey Lou, do you mind me asking something?”


“Is this place related to Babydolls?”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, the fact all the workers are girls with bare breasts and name tags clipped to their nipples.”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“How so?”

“The Boss, she and her boyfriend run a huge porno company.”

“Wow, I didn't porn would become such a... united enterprise.”

“Well, I suppose you wouldn't know.”

“Know what?”

“The Boss and her boyfriend are turning pornography completely on its head, she and him are actually making waves into turning it into a legitimate business.”

“Is that so?”

“Truly. But on another subject, I was really impressed with you last night. I never knew you were such an animal.”

“Yeah... I never knew either, sorry if I seemed rough.”

Lou shook her head, “No, no, Hana, you did absolutely amazing.” She gave him the naughty look, “I think a man roughing up a woman during sex is the manliest thing you could have done.”

He smiled, “Thanks.”

She looked towards the bed, stained in semen, vaginal fluid and her blood, “You know, I bet your wife might still be pissed at you.”

“Your point?”

“We could have another go, I wouldn't mind having another animal attack by a certain wild beast of a man.”

Hana formed his lips into a wicked smile, reaching out to hold Lou's hands in his, “I suppose I could let the beast out for another romp.”

Many more wicked things passed on between the two lovers before Hana decided to return home. Whether or not Alumi was still mad at him didn't matter, he had done away with his anger and frustrations, having vented it upon his beloved violet.

But if he ever needed another pick-me-up, he knew just the lady to see.


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I'll give you a burger Llama Emoji 32 (Mah Burger) [V2]…

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